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4 Post Car Lift Platform The Mainstream Of Market Development

Mar. 16, 2024

Hydraulic four post car lift is characterized by stable, small noise, large strength, disadvantage is easy to use after a long time oil leakage, pollution of the working environment.But hydraulic four-post car elevator maintenance costs low, auto 4 s shops four-post type car elevator, cylinder using 5-10 years no problem, but also in terms of development trend of the elevator car must be in the safe, convenient, long service life, low noise, low prices in the direction of development, so the hydraulic four-post car elevator will certainly is in the mainstream of car elevator market development.

4 Post Car Lift Platform The Mainstream Of Market Development

Four post car lift is a large tonnage car or truck repair and maintenance units commonly used mechanical lifting equipment, four post car lift is also very suitable for four-wheel positioning, because the general four-column car lift has a four-wheel positioning gear, can be adjusted, can ensure the level. According to its structure,4 post car elevator is divided into two types: upper oil cylinder and lower oil cylinder. The oil cylinder of the upper oil cylinder 4 post automobile lift is placed on the top of the column (with a beam), and the lower oil cylinder is placed under the flat plate. Oil cylinder type 4 post car lift mainly depends on four chains to pull up four corners, four-column car lift maintenance equipment, tension cylinder placed on the top, this structure is simple, but increased weight.

4 Post Car Lift Platform The Mainstream Of Market Development

Four-post car lift products strong structure, bearing capacity, 2-ton load 4 post car elevator, stable rise and fall, installation and maintenance is simple and convenient, is an economical and practical low floor to replace the elevator ideal transport equipment.

● used for car lift floor, also can do car maintenance;

Double safety protection to ensure the safety of personal equipment;

Good tolerance, high tensile strength;

Each rotating shaft is equipped with wear-resistant components to ensure flexible operation of the equipment;

● suitable for all types of cars and different heights.

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