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Batch delivery of scissor lift aerial work platforms

Apr. 16, 2024

Meet in spring and freeze the joyful moment! Wemet® scissor aerial work platforms are delivered in batches overseas. Under the warm spring sun, more than 20 GTJZ series scissor lifts with eye-catching red and blue colors were tested and packed for shipment abroad.


The scissor lift platform GTJZ, which has recently been delivered overseas, is exclusively supplied by Bali Machinery Leasing Company and is comparable to the high-performance machines of big brands. It has the advantages of strong power, economical and practical, hard-core quality and perfect service guarantee. It is perfect. In order to meet the harsh environment and complex needs, the customer decisively chose the wemet® GTJZ series with high attendance rate, reliable quality and convenient maintenance after docking other brands of scissor lifts.

The wemet® scissor lift machine has excellent overall stability. While ensuring that the lifting height and rated load remain unchanged, after technical transformation, structure and transmission optimization, etc., when the GTJZ reaches the lifting height limit, its shaking amount is very small. Small, more stable than safe. GTJZ series accessories can be equipped with first-class international brands. They are designed for large-scale equipment leasing companies. They have stable performance and longer service life in the face of harsh operating environments, high frequency of use, irregular use, etc.


In the field of scissor-type aerial work platforms, wemet has focused deeply on the upgrade needs of high-altitude machines. Relying on technology accumulation and through continuous research and development innovation, wemet has formed a platform covering all scenarios including traction push-type, auxiliary walking type, self-propelled type, crawler type, etc. product line. Adhering to the concept of "quality changes the world", Bali Machinery provides global users with better quality scissor aerial work equipment and provides more efficient one-stop solutions for aerial work.

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